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Generally job refers to any paid position, one getting paid for completing a task or work within employment period. Many says the main bridge (the point of contact) between employee and employer are HR professionals, physical existences, feedback, engagements and so many more terms. Well it depends upon thoughts, every human behavior and thinking can’t be of same type resulting many answers for single question. But I have taken job as the main link between these two reasoning a person in search of job referred as employee reaches to employer, it might be other in case of conveying medium like HR, feedback and references. In the article I will be discussing on the current situation of job in Nepal, reason for being jobless and their solutions too.

As per the CBS Nepal, comparing the current unemployment rate which is 3.2 % much higher than the earlier date 1.9 % only in 2009 AD. I am still confused with this report and after reading this report there is a realization that the government has not shown interest towards unemployment in rather maintain their own graph nearby earliest. Surveying inside my own friends circle I found the unemployment percentage was 8-9 on average, such a big difference. Don’t be confused, this report is based on the definition which states, “In Nepal, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force”. Thank god, few graduates left for study in foreign and few settled outside, either the percentage rate would have hiked as price. The few aspects which may have helped to overcome the jobless situation such as agriculture, tourism and engagement of foreign brands failed to reach the success because lack of interest from both job seeker and provider, although few firms have allotted more jobs via introducing foreign brands in automobiles and networking. The other major success can be achieved from starting manufacturing various foreign products in our own country instead of launching foreigner allowing to run their firm where Nepalese  won’t get the position as per his/her qualification, expected number of allocation, etc.

Reasons/Solutions for not getting hired as an employee;

  • The fresh graduates lacks skills, knowledge and interest required for a job. I have suffered the same when I started seeking for a job after my graduation I was not able to explain 50% of work duty as required by interviewer. Thanks to the Varun Beverages Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (PepsiCO), where I learnt the work management and understood my work responsibilities. In such condition I would suggest to keep applying for open vacancy till gets an interview call, either better option for intern (or trainee).
  • While actively seeking for a job, job seeker are always in hurry to send their CV by least time to employer and makes mistake here forwarding CV to multiple recipients, no cover letter, improper explanation in CV. Be calm my friend you are asking for a job not to book your seat, be prepared with cover letter and proper information before forwarding your CV to employer and remember once at a time.
  • Still job seekers thinks he/she can’t be placed for a job without a reference and lose hopes for getting their first job. Don’t be afraid my friend in your study career you competes with several to stand in front line then why not now, believe yourself and no one is there for you to hold your hand to walk till company office. I know there are few firms where such activities happens but it doesn’t mean all are same.
  •  After completion of study one gets engaged with online network like bug thinking he will not be having time in future to do so. Sure you can do that to lease your time, but in mean time grow your network with professionals like HR and various company employees through LinkedIn. I assure you will never talk anymore about reference after joining a successful network. It’s hard in LinkedIn too, as many professional won’t reply you and let me remind them it is not Facebook to chit-chat, it is used for building network professionally.

For further help and info you can contact with any HR and request him to spare his few hours with you to get better ideas.

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